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FS 4316-90N
White Cabinet

312 Litres

308 kWhrs / Year

1850 H x 595 W x 650 D (mm)

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Upright Freezer

Fridge Volume (net/gross)
275 / 312 Litres

External Dimensions H / W / D
1850 / 595 / 650 mm

Energy Star Rating (NZ / Australia)

Voltage / Hz (Mains Power Operation
230 VAC / 50 Hz

Yearly Energy Consumption @ 32°C
308 kWh per year

Daily Energy Consumption @ 32°C
0.84 kWh per day

Yearly Energy Consumption @ 25°C  
255 kWh per year

Yearly Energy Consumption @ 18°C
225 kWh per year

Climate Class
SN-T  10°C to 43°C

Control Panel

Defrost Function
Full No Frost

Interchangeable Door Opening

Temperature Sensor

Door Alarm

Replaceable Door Seal

Refrigerant / Insulation
R600a / Cyclopentane

Noise Level
42 dB(A)

Number of Compressors
1 - Inverter Motor

Power Failure Safety, No. of hours from -18°C to -9°C
30 Hours

Freezing Capacity, kg per day to -18°C
20 kgs

Full No Frost

The NoFrost feature frees you from the task of defrosting the unit. And when freezing food, the cold air circulating in the cabinet offers free-flow freezing.

Cold Locations

The freezer can be located in a room with ambient temperatures down to -15 ° C. This allows you to place the freezer in, for example, the garage, utility room or similar.

XL Extra Large Spaciousness

XL models have extra capacity because they have a deeper cabinet. Both shelves and drawers are extra large giving you plenty of storage room. In addition, all drawers have transparent fronts that let you see what you have in them more easily.

Mega Box

A removable shelf between the 2 top freezer drawers gives you a quick MegaBox. With a height of 39 cm and volume of 66 liters, you can easily accommodate larger things, such as icecream cakes, high desserts, a turkey or the like.

Inverter Compressor

The Inverter compressormeans a quieter freezer. The compressor's performance is matched to the current power needs and thus has a lower energy consumption. In addition, there is less wear on the compressor, which therefore lasts longer.

Super Freeze

SuperFreeze ensures quick freezing of your products, which helps them last longer. The Super Freeze function is especially important when freezing larger amounts of food.

Reversible Door

The doors can be hinged on both the right and left sides of the cabinet. It is also ideal if you want to make a side-by-side solution with a fridge and freezer.

Freezer Drawers

The 7  freezer drawers have transparent fronts that let you see what you have in them more easily.

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Other models:-

NOTE:  All GRAM and ELCOLD refrigeration units must be powered by either mains power or a pure sinewave inverter.
The use of a modified sinewave or squarewave inverter will void any warranty claim and may result in damage to the unit.

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