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FreshLine Fridge/Freezers



The GRAM FreshLine fridge/freezer units offer classic styling through their white exterior finish which is paired with a stylish steel handle.
 The fridge compartment has manual thermostat control, with cyclic defrost, whereas the freezer compartment has both manual control and manual defrost, which adds to the energy efficiency of the units.


The glass shelves are made with toughened safety glass, and can be placed in various positions within the cabinet to suit your own requirements


The door is equipped with multiple, spacious
bottle shelves, for both larger drink bottles, and condiment containersour own requirements

The door is equipped with clear storage boxes, great for storing small items and leftovers.

Frosted clear-fronted pull out drawers, makes viewing freezer contents easy

NOTE:  All GRAM and ELCOLD refrigeration units must be powered by either mains power or a pure sinewave inverter.
The use of a modified sinewave or squarewave inverter will void any warranty claim and may result in damage to the unit.

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